Pragmatic and straightforward HR support that you can trust

Hanoli HR is a HR Consultancy, offering practical HR services, bespoke management training and person-centred employee wellbeing support.

We work with you to provide straightforward, jargon free people support, finding solutions to problems and supporting our clients as they build and grow their business with an engaged and motivated team. 

'Train people well enough that they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to'
Richard Branson

HR Support

We make sure you have all the basics in place – contracts of employment, employee handbook, policies and procedures, and should you need it, we will be your right hand to support and guide you if you are ever faced with a tricky or complex people matter.


Bespoke training for you and your managers covering the many principles of people management and development.

Employee Welfare

We will help you connect with, listen to and value your people, supporting your commitment to their mental health and wellbeing